"Play Like Jörn Viggo" Contest

Hi everyone,

 Thank you so much guys for posting these clips. It’s been interesting and cool to watch all your videos. From the bottom of my heart: This is very inspiring to watch, and you have ll put a big smile on my face. I’m happy that you all bothered to do this, it means a lot to me :)

Thanks, best wishes and cheers!

Jorn Viggo


Oliver Nagy playing “Farewell”:First of all, this song is very special to me, and ít means much more to me than its nice melody. I like how you play it, you have a very good tone! Thanks for posting :)

Alon Mei-Tal playing “God’s Equation”: One of my all time favourite songs to perform live with the band. Wow, you play it with a 7-string, I couldn’t do that, that’s more difficult than how it is played with a D-tuned 6 string! You also play like Ronny here (nailing the keys signature in the first verse, cool!) The solo very nicely executed, and cool to watch cause you play some of the licks different than me. It sound like it should, but you play it your own way, and I like that :) 

Erick Eguigurems playing “Resurrection”: A progressive kick ass tune. He he, no mistakes here, from what i saw it was just like the original recording, even the smallest details! You have a good technique, thumbs up!

Henrik Wiik playing “Through Osiris’ Eyes”: A classic we are all proud of. Cool! You play the song and the solo very good! Great work :)

Fabio De Angelo playing “God’s Equation”: Wow, amazing! You do not only play like me, but you play like Pagan’s Mind! It must have been quite some work you put into programming and playing the entire song :) Nils got the night off here, he he. Good attitude also standing up. Stars and light giving the right athmosphere… If the guys want to kick me out, they know who to call lol ;) The song is very well played, and the stuff you play a little different in the solo section, but I like it very much as well. You also added some recorded rhythm guitars here, but the live played guitar was very well delivered. All in all very impressive, killer job!

Jake Hepworth playing “Coming Home”: I love this song, it has a “feelgood” attitude (Hello Jake!) Good job, i really liked this, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t play the solo just like it is, I liked that you had some of your own stuff there, and I can see that you are a young and talented player. Keep on rocking, good job!

Rowan Sauer playing “Aegean Shores”: I see that you play lefty, cool! Good job, I liked it. Keep on rocking :)

Matt Simon playing “Enigmatic Mission”: You played the song very good, good solo too. I liked your attitude. Cool!

Espen Christensen playing “God’s Equation”: Very good job! Also the solo was very good , we use the same technique playing the solo, as far as I can tell. Thumbs up :)

Chris Conway playing “Farewell”: Wow , this was unexpected, but in a good way! Original, cool :) I really like it! I’m not sure how you do that, but it sounds really good! Chris, this was one of the posts that i liked the most, but since you didn’t play the guitar i can’t put you in the top 3 list, sorry! But this was really really enjoyable and I thank you for posting. I’ve watched this more than once, he he :)

Andras Adam Horwath playing “United Alliance”: Good timing, good tone, very well delivered, you play with attitude, and the solo is nicely executed! You are a very good guitar player.  

Tobias Solvang playing “Trough Osiris’ Eyes”: Very nice delivery, you have a good technique I can see, good attitude and also the solo was very good :) Good work, Tobias!

Christian Bastianoni playing “Supremacy, Our Kind”:I like your sound, you make the main riff kill! Sounds really heavy, also I like how you play the brigdes with different chords than me. I like the solo very much as well!

Daniel Böhme playing “Coming Home”: Killer timing, and you picked up a lot of the details in the rhythm guitars as well. A bit different, but cool solo. You have a good tone and sound! Very well delivered :)


To pick a winner was very difficult, no bull! I’ve made the choice based on the first impression I got, and also the overall feeling of what was delivered, not necessarily the most perfect technique or the ones who made less mistakes.

Anyway, I think everyone did a fantastic job and again thank you so much for posting! It was amazing to see so much talent. You all made me very proud!


 My top 3 (which turned into a top 4):


1. Fabio De Angelo

 2. Alon Mei-Tal

3. Andras Adam Horwath and Erick Eguigurems

You can go to the official Pagan’s Mind Facebook and then go to the contest tab to see all the submissions.

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